Humanity rebuilds after Apocalypse

Palette – Must-haves and bans

  • Yes:
    • Predators that prey on humans
    • Machine Intelligence
    • Global Superpower
    • Parahuman (manimal) citizens
    • Near Instant Communication
    • Cryogenics
    • Hidden Civilizations
    • Spirits are real
  • No:
    • FTL Travel
    • Alien Visitors
    • Lasers
    • Resurrection of Pre-Fall Technology
    • Magic
    • Time Travel
    • Mass Production
    • Standard Fantasy Races

Legacies – Themes from each turn

  • Evolution of Humanity to involve parahumans®
  • Fear of, and faith in, light in the darkness (M)
  • Ghosts in the machine (K)
  • Invention is the only true escape from the darkness around and within (J)


  1. - (D) Day after Apocalypse
    • (L) First Parahumans Created
      • (D) Are first manimals transformed humans?
        No, parahumans = transformed animals, predators (Angels) = transformed
    • (D) Resurrectionist Cults build a geothermal tap to power their cryogenic
      refuge/technology horde and disappear from human society.
  2. - (D) The Dark Ages drag on, awash in Chaos
    • (L) Folk tales of an apocryphal inventor hero defeat primitive phobia of technology,
      giving rise to innovation.
      • (L) Where do the ghosts come from?
        Avenging Angels learn from the underpeople the sites of Resurrectionist
        enclaves. The Keepers of the enclaves are able to defend their core tap,
        but some of the cryo-chambers are breached, and the Keepers must engage the
        back-up matrix.
  3. - (L) The Rise of the Minotaur Emperor, first replacement government
    • (L) First integrated (human/parahuman) city founded as capital of empire.
      • (L) How did the first emperor begin his career?
        Leonidas Minos (future 1st emperor) and Baelor Unconquered (manimal hero)
        use a gyrocopter to kill the Angel that is plaguing their town.
    • (D) The Ghost-Born of the Asian steppes halt the expansion of the Minotaur Empire
      using their ghost-possessed airships to defeat the Empire’s armada.
      • (L) How did Machine Intelligence manifest in the Empire?
        The spirit-tech of the Asian steppe escapes their control when weaponized
        spirits possess Empire ships with the purpose of disabling them but persists
        in those craft and devices after their initial deployment.
  4. - (L) Age of Enlightenment
    • (L) Orelium Solim establishes first university
  5. - (D) Resource Wars: The collapsing supply of fossil fuels leads to resource wars and the
    threat of catastrophic deforestation
    • (L) Floating City possessed by the ghost-born Autumn
    • (L) The Whisper Express gives birth to a new Age of Enlightenment (Pony express but
      with ghosts)
    • (L) Emperor establishes Souncil on Natural Philosophy to discover/expand technological
      • (D) Why is there public animosity toward the Council?
        Genesmith Hector Borgon disappears following unethical experiments aimed at
        “curing” parahumans.
    • (D) Geothermal energy replaces fossil fuels
      • (D) Why have geothermal dives been sabotaged?
        The inner earth civilization resents intrusions into their territory and
        seeks to halt resource extraction in hopes of achieving a monopoly by which
        to profit.
      • (L) What happened to population of slaves who shoveled coal for the first shell
        of Autumn?
        They became the initial settlers and employees of the first geothermal
      • (L) How did the resource wars end?
        The Minotaur Emperors great digging engine has breached the walls of the
        under kingdom beneath the Karakorum Rift. He leads his personal manimal
        guard into the dark and signs a deal with Foreman John Henry the 31st,
        gaining access to the great geothermal tap.
  6. - (D) The Unsuccessful Manimal Rebellion against the Empire
    • (D) Trapped over the seas, blood runs in the streets of Autumn when the lights dim.
      • (D) How was the peri-ripper discovered by the authorities?
        City technician-administrators force Autumn into state of constant city
        surveillance that she is unable to turn off.
    • (L) Parahuman rights activists riot after disaster on floating city kills dozens of
      manimal “workers”
      • (?) Why did Autumn’s ghost not save the manimal workers during the disaster?
        Autumn did not save the workers because they were attempting to crash the
    • (D) The Society of Precursor Studies is disbanded by Imperial decree due to manimal
      • (L) Why is the Society suspected of manimal sympathies?
        Researchers in the society bury a discovery which could be used to detect and
        track Angels when they realize it could also by used against manimals,
        fearing it would enable a genocide.
    • (D) The Reformed Order of St. Francis declares the Emperor apostate for his repression
      of parahumanity.
  7. - (L) The First Successful Rebellion Against the Empire
    • (D) The Angel Mephisto murders Autumn causing the city to fall from the sky.
    • (L) The newly crowned Emperor reveals that he himself has minotaur blood.
    • (L) First manimal-only city founded.


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